The World’s Best Easter Bun Is Back!

…Any Way You Slice It
What makes the Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant Easter bun the best? It starts with our special Hawthorne family recipe, perfected over decades with unique authentic Jamaican flavors and aromatic spices from the heart of the island. Warm, comforting brown sugar and vanilla bring back a million memories of childhood and home. Mixed and folded together with skill and care, sweetened with juicy cherries and raisins then baked to perfection. We give you over 70 years of tradition in every bite.

There’s nothing quite as welcoming as a homemade recipe. The flavors, the fond childhood memories that accompany them, and the sentimentality of something familiar. As a family owned business, Golden Krust’s Easter Bun recipe was born in the hills of St. Mary, Jamaica. It was crafted and refined by Mavis and Ephraim Hawthorne, and children to offer customers a taste of home while away from home. 

Find the nearest Golden Krust and stop by today to pick up the most welcome guest for your Easter festivities…an Easter Bun from Golden Krust. Grab a bun before it’s done!