Tarrus Riley Loves Our Beyond Meat® Yhatty!

Jamaican reggae superstar Tarrus Riley, AKA “Singy Singy” was in Southern Florida this past weekend for a charity event benefiting the Ghetto Youths Foundation and decided to drop by our Sunrise, FL restaurant.

The influential artist, who is known for hits like “She’s Royal” and “Lighter” recently dropped his latest album, “Healing”, and took some time out of his busy schedule to try our new Beyond Meat® patties, or as he would say, Yhatty!

We are truly blessed to have welcomed such a talented musician while he was stateside. Nuff respect! As someone who adheres to a plant-based diet, he loved the fact that our patties are ital, because as you know, ital is vital

Golden Krust is proud to offer non-GMO, better for you Jamaican style patties so anyone can enjoy a little island goodness, regardless of their lifestyle. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian, come to Golden Krust. It’s a must. Listen to Tarrus. Trust.

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 Bless up!

 – The Golden Krust Family