Say Cheese with the Golden Krust Easter Bun

Since 1949, Mavis and Ephraim Hawthorne (founders of the original Hawthorne & Sons Bakery, and parents of the Golden Krust founding family) have been serving smiles to the local community by providing the finest Jamaican Easter Buns. The recipe was perfected in a small town affectionately known as ‘Border’, based in rural St Andrew, Jamaica.

Over 70 years later, that same Border-born secret recipe is still used to produce the best Easter Buns in the world. Fortunately, you can find these at all Golden Krust locations systemwide as we kick-start the celebration of the Easter season.

Our soft, sweet Easter bun is a spiced super-loaf loaded with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and all-spice, balanced with a perfect blend of raisins and cherries. If you have never had a Golden Krust Easter Bun, now is the time to try it. You will not be disappointed. It is a delicious snack with or without the cheese.

Historically, the Jamaican Easter bun is a tasteful spin on the British hot cross bun. Jamaica put its own spin on it by using molasses in the mix alongside the honey. In Jamaica, the Easter Holiday is not complete without a Jamaican Easter Bun to share with friends and family. It is the gift of the season!

Golden Krust is ready for Easter with our traditional Easter Bun, as well as our Ital Easter Bun that packs the flavor without the fruits. While our spiced bun is available year-round, this specialty bun is a novel treat, as we have packed more fruits and that special flavor to help celebrate the Lenten period. In other words, Easter is peak bun and cheese eating season.

Use our location finder to get quick and easy directions to your closest Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant. Buy an Easter Bun for yourself, as well as one for your friends and family – they will never forget it.

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