Bravo’s Real Housewife Star Sprints to Golden Krust for Patties

Real House Wife Sprints to Golden Krust for Patties
Famous Jamaican born Sprinter, 4x United States Olympic Gold Medalist, and Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Sanya Richards-Ross was among those celebrating National Jamaican Patty Day with Golden Krust last week when she stopped by her neighborhood Kennesaw (GA) location to solve her patty problems. Stopping by for an assortment of patties for her family, the track star would leave with the full compliment of Spicy BeefMild BeefCurry ChickenJerk ChickenSpinach, and Vegetables patties. Clearly, Richards-Ross learned her lesson after a similar incident on Real Housewives saw her return from Jamaica with too few patties to go around.


On the other side of the country in Los Angeles, Actor and Comedian Dale Elliott, known for his role in the Will Smith produced film Sprinter, was hard at work bringing awareness to National Jamaican Patty Day baking patties in the oven and catching grief for it in the process.

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