DavidsBeenHere Has Now Been to Palmetto Bay

David Hoffmann, better known online as DavidsBeenHere, recently visited the Palmetto Bay Golden Krust to taste their offerings and get an inside look at how our menu is created. From Braised Oxtail to Curry Goat, Brown Stewed Chicken, Jerk Chicken Pasta, and our array of delectable patties, the viewer is given an inside look at the painstaking preparation our chefs undergo on a daily basis to provide such a varied menu of Caribbean classics.

Originally started after his college graduation in 2008, DavidsBeenHere has grown to over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, and over 1.2 million followers across his other social media platforms. To date, he’s hosted over 2,000 travel episodes that cover culture, history, and cuisine.

Having recently celebrated their one year opening anniversary, the McKinleys’ Palmetto Bay location is an ideal one for any curious culinary travelers.