Mount Vernon Golden Krust Providing Free Thanksgiving Dinner

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Golden Krust Mount Vernon is excited to announce their annual Complimentary Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday, November 19th from 12 to 5 PM on the corner of South 4th Avenue and 2nd StreetFranchisee, Sandra Bryan, has been giving back to the local Mount Vernon community for 25 years, providing for members of local churches, shelters, and schools.

Anyone who comes bearing a ticket will be treated to a free meal consisting of Jerk ChickenBBQ Chicken, or Curried Goat, with Rice & Peas and Steamed Vegetables as sides. You must visit the restaurant in person prior to the day of the event in order to pick up a ticket. Customers do not need to make a purchase in-store to receive a ticket.

Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant is the leading Caribbean restaurant chain in the United States — known for their family recipes of classic Jamaican cuisine and baked goods. The chain now boasts over 110 locations in eight states across the continental United States.