Jamaican Minister of Agriculture Visits Golden Krust Plant

Pearnel Charles Receives Tour of our Bronx Patty Plant & Bakery

Golden Krust had the profound honor to host Pearnel Charles, the Jamaican Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, at our Bronx based patty plant and bakery last week. A part of his “Food Security: The Jamaican Perspective” tour, the administrator and a group of prominent guests toured several locations in the New York City area to promote investment opportunities and provide an opportunity for Charles to meet contacts at importing companies.

Presented by the City of Miramar and hosted by Commissioner Alexandra P Davis, the Miramar Afro-Carib Festival is a celebration of the blended cultures that evolved through the Diaspora of enslaved Africans initially taken to the colonial Caribbean during the Atlantic Slave Trade.

The Afro-Carib Festival brings together musicians, craftsmen, artists, creators, food vendors, and fans in celebration of the power of the Diaspora, who are descendants of native Africans. The Afro-Carib Festival not only honors our collective roots, but also celebrates and shines a spotlight on the beauty of our people and our global cultural impact.

Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant had the opportunity to sponsor the VIP lounge of the event which featured GRAMMY winner KoffeeCKay, Tekno, and Jacob Forever performing for over 4,000 in attendance, serving as the perfect way to close out Black History Month.

All of our food is cooked from scratch and made fresh daily, so when you dine with us, it’s like having a meal at home with family! Known for our family recipes of classic Caribbean food staples, from Jamaican beef patties and coco bread, to jerk chicken, oxtail, and curried goat or chicken. Offerings now include vegetarian and beyond meat alternatives. The bakery boasts numerous enticing options including spice bunhard dough bread, and carrot cake (among many more delectable items).

Golden Krust, whose origins begin in Jamaica, still uses many ingredients that come from Jamaica to this day, including scotch bonnet peppers. The tour of the facility allowed guests to see the creation of our Jerk chicken patties from start to finish. From seeing the chicken cut, to the application of jerk seasoning, to the patties being filled, sealed, and cooked, our guests had the best seat in the house. The Minister also had the opportunity to enjoy a patty fresh off the line with Omar Hawthorne, Director of Franchise Development & Community Affairs, and son of Golden Krust founder, Lowell Hawthorne.