Golden Krust Unveils the Irresistible Jerk Chicken Salad

Heaping Helping of Healthy Ingredients
Introducing the bold new Jerk Chicken Salad from Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant. Succulent seasoned slices of tender jerk chicken breast rest on a bed of fresh lettuce, accompanied by carrots, tomatoes, and a colorful blend of red and green peppers. Add your choice of dressing and enjoy this combination of flavor and freshness. 


There is no other salad like it. Whether you are just looking for something different from your usual GK order or you are new to Jerk chicken, this salad will surely satisfy your craving and curiosity. Our family jerk recipe has been passed through the generations. Our Jerk ChickenJerk Pork, and Jerk Wings have earned a devoted following for their tangy, zesty, and authentic flavors. The new Jerk Chicken Salad takes this classic flavor and places it on a fresh, healthy, and light bed of crispy vegetables for a flavor sensation unlike any other.
Visit your nearest Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant today and be among the first to savor the irresistible Jerk Chicken Salad.