Golden Krust Stands With Texas

The Golden Krust family is made up of passionate individuals who have strong connections to their local communities. They are so much more than just business owners; they are friends, family members, and neighbors, and never is that more evident than in times of crisis.


While we are incredibly proud of all of our hardworking franchisees, we want to take some time to give a special shout to a few in Houston who are doing their part to keep their community safe and satisfied during the unprecedented winter weather the region is experiencing.


We’d like to extend a special GK thank you to Felicia, Winston, Andrew, and Carron Bramwell from our Kirby location, as well as Laureen Scott and Elizabeth Quamina, who operate our Westheimer Road restaurant.

With over 75% of Texas without power and hot water over the past few days, our dedicated franchisees sprang into action in order to keep the lights on and give people a place to go where they could keep warm with an authentic Jamaican-style meal. After all, nothing brings the heat quite like our jerk chicken, or flaky spicy beef patties.


At our Westheimer location, franchisee Laureen Scott and her daughter worked tirelessly past midnight on Monday to ensure that all of their neighbors without basic necessities were taken care of. Big up for answering the call and for showing us all what it means to be Texas Strong.


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The Golden Krust Family