Black History Month Feature: Theo Burnett

Star Franchisee Receives the Spotlight

Theo Burnett opened his first Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant in 2016. Since then, he’s expanded operations to three restaurants: Lawrenceville (GA)Conyers (GA), and the recently opened location in Deerfield Beach (FL). He’s been able to impact his community not only by bringing the flavors of Jamaica, but also through tremendously generous philanthropy.

Burnett recently donated over $250,000 to Clarendon College, his alma mater. His profound appreciation for providing opportunities for the next generation, and also his love for soccer, have also led him to sponsor the Reggae Girlz Soccer team.

If the past eight years are any indication of what lies ahead for Theo Burnett, we’re likely to see more successful Golden Krust restaurants in his portfolio, and Theo’s impact on the community continue to be felt for generations to come.
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